Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nong time no see.... I'm back! Woof woof!

Rain rain go away.... come again another day.... fwah it's raining again... so cold cos mummy just brought me for grooming last week and my fur still havn't grow back to my armani style.

Last week mummy brought me to YangYang's Birthday party @Club 4 Paws,

nong time no see my friends le then anxiety hit on me as u know woof*woof* I can only see 50% thru my left eye leh...woof*woof* I was v hungry and emo. I made Daddy and Mummy angry as I v hungry and purposely riot infront of the ppl there as I WANT FOOD! Couldn't bear to smell those foods that the kitchen is preparing and the rest of the kid's papa mama eating.......woof*woof*

After creating so much trouble, Mummy and Daddy finally gave in and dapao those long waited goodies for me! yeah! Woof*Woof* Soli for being anti social hor guys.... :P Woof*Woof*

Along the way home, I slept like a worm in my Blackie Bro. Woof*Woof*

Then some days later dunno which dog daes hor woof* woof* mummy and daddy brought me to cut my fur.... Me the first to reach the hair saloon and the barber say I beli kuai as I very ting hua de. I kuai kuai let her cut here cut there... wondering where is mummy sia......

In the end I looked so slim oredi, found out from my Daddy gossip to Mum tat I had shred a lot of weight during my intensive TAF club training, used to be 10kg..... then 7kg..... finally 6.8kg! Woof Woof! Success! Lick Lick.....

Before.... so much older!

After..... look so much younger and yandao :)

Well, hmmmm got to chew some chews before I go sleep le, be good boy tmr as Mummy and Daddy got to work. Woof*Woof*

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